Friday, April 22, 2011


Two days before Easter. On a web site side-bar this morning, I spotted an add: "The Only Guide To Ham You'll Ever Need" Hell, how many guides to ham can there be? Slap some honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup on the sucker, stick it in the oven until the little doo-hickey pops up, and there. Ham. (Whoops, saying "Hell" isn't very Eastery of me. What would the Easter Bunny say?)

Speaking of's a shot from Easter Morning...1982 or so. People don't still do this to their kids, do they? Somehow, I don't think we loved the whole Easter-bonnet-tradition very much, although, hey, what's not to love? Piles of cheap, starchy, K-Mart lace, stacked around your head, and held on by a little elastic band that cuts into your chin. Yay! Let's go to church!

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