Thursday, November 1, 2012

Men At Work

Gotta love a man in uniform!  I'm very glad that my kids actually pick fun, halfway original things to be for Halloween, and that their costumes are relatively simple to put together.  Still, I was sewing until the last minute yesterday!  Ira's brown suit, I found at a consignment shop...but it was actually FROM the UPS uniform catalog, so it was pretty authentic, which delighted him, and Eli's was once a karate uniform which I altered and added to.  We had a great time going door to door around our little village.  The library gave out books which was awesome.  Eli, staying in character of course,  picked out a book on the Titanic.  Ira yelled out "UPS!" instead of "Trick-or-treat!" everywhere, and his delivery box got so heavy that I had to tote it for him in between houses.  He was especially happy to see a sign taped on one door that said "UPS and Fed Ex, please leave deliveries on back porch."  He made me take his picture next to it.  So, another Halloween come and gone, now we head toward the winter holidays, which will be here before you know it.  I can maybe last another week or two, and then I'm busting out the Christmas carols!  Hello November!