Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Late summer,
The cricket's high voltage hum
Grows louder.
A frantic sound that
Fills my head on toasted gold afternoons, while
The days hang deceptive, slow and languidly passing.

Perhaps they know of
The coming cold.
Desperate need to push out their song
Before folding wing and fading into the quiet,
The deathly stillness of the frozen woodpile.
The frost covered leaves.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back From Paradise

Whoops. Apparently you CAN'T drive onto a sand dune with a Honda Accord...

Good morning spiders!

The water was warm, warm, warm!

This summer, the field across the road was planted with Canola.

Sweaty head hair.

Wonderful week on the island. Sunny and HOT...almost too hot a few times even. Thank goodness for the two or three trips to the beach every day! We did a little work - Justin finished the shingles on the guest cabin roof and installed pine tongue & groove walls in there too. We collected interesting pieces of driftwood and built a railing on our cabin's stairway, and the boys built a dog house for Captain out of our scrap pile. Mostly though, we just sat in the sand with frothy surf kissing our toes and RELAXED! Also made one million sand castles and ate WAY too many ice cream cones. Of course, more pictures at my flickr in the list on the right!