Wednesday, September 24, 2014


On the way up the hill this morning. Sometimes all I need is one moment like this to get back on track. A split second to breathe easily and remember that the beautiful world will keep turning whether or not I make a deadline, or clean the bathroom, or do everything (or anything!) exactly right. Oh glory, isn't life something else?!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eye of the Beholder.

I've been working for my friend Joan every few Tuesdays, as a model for her portrait class, which is always an interesting experience.  I usually dress in my Victorian or Edwardian clothing, as the ladies appreciate painting the fun costumes, although I nearly sweat to death this week under the bright lights!  I've forgotten to bring my camera before now and felt a little odd photographing their work when I finally did...because it's ME, you know?  But it's so curious to see my face being reworked in other people's imaginations.  I've written this all before, yes, still mulling the idea over in my mind though.  And loving how I'm slowly becoming distanced from the idea of needing to look a certain way, when every person who sees you, sees you differently anyhow.   

Queen For A Day?

 Not exactly.  My 37th birthday passed quietly, in a rather typical manner where I worked in the morning, worked in the evening, and visited an exhibit on toothbrushes in between.