Friday, August 29, 2014

Back To School

The day after my boys' birthday finds us back to homework and packing cold lunch for picky eaters and desperately seeking matching socks.  Neither of them are morning people, by a long shot, which makes mornings tough, and Ira is SUCH a homebody that school is not his favorite place, but it still looks to be a promising year.  Both have fabulous teachers who are also friends of mine, which is always helpful because you KNOW they care about your kids and you trust them completely.  Makes an anxious mom feel better when her bubs are in good hands.  Plus, once my museum closes for the season, I'll be back at the school with them, filling in wherever needed and it's so nice to be able to check in during the day for a quick hug at least.  Anyhow, we're off!  Headed towards soccer and band practice and the ten million other things that fill up our time once the school year gets underway.  Go Tigers!      

Birthday Boys!

Seven and ten!  So hard to believe.  Adding to the weirdness of both my kids having the same birthday, they were born within minutes of each other, in the same hospital room, same nurses on duty, each after the same nearly 13 hours of labor.  (It would have been total deja vu if Ira hadn't hurt worse!)  Every day since has been an adventure and I love them more than words can ever, ever, ever express.  Happy birthday to my beautiful boys!  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shelburne Museum

Despite the low pay, I have been super lucky that my State job working at a historic site includes free admission to practically EVERYTHING we'd ever want to see.  I've thankfully spent next to nothing on our summer outings and yet we've been able to behave like normal people and go all sorts of places I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.  This week's freebee trip was to Shelburne Museum, which has always been a favorite of ours.  We met up with Auntie Dawn and had a wonderful day exploring.  Of course, I could have spent another WEEK looking at the exhibits, but we did it at Kid Pace...although actually my kids' Kid Pace is waaaaaaaaaay slower than most, since they are generally curious and have pretty good attention spans....still: "Hey Mom!  A train!  Hey Mom!  A Merry-Go-Round!  Hey Mom!  Look at this bug!!!  Hey Mom!  ICE CREAM!!!"

Monday, August 11, 2014

Jana & RJ, Up In A Tree...

Their wedding was glorious.  And for the second time this summer, I got to be a guest instead of the photographer, which is incredibly enjoyable, if a bit foreign.  All the best to my beloved friends and their sweet, little family.

Silent Cal Leaves His Mark.

Every time I attempt to visit the Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth, something stops me.  It's our sister museum, so there are many reasons, work-wise, I've been trying to get there.  The first time, just as we were leaving our house, unexpected company arrived.  The second time, we were partway there when we found a hurt baby owl in the road and delivered it to the hospital for raptors.  This time, we actually MADE it to Plymouth, but in the parking lot, where we sat at a picnic table to have a bit of lunch beforehand, I cut my finger very badly trying to slice some cheese.  But...I had to break this curse, so instead of heading to the hospital, we taped it up and toured the darn museum, despite the thunder that started to crash as we walked from building to building!  THERE!  FINALLY!  And other than the throbbing finger and ominous sky, it was lovely!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Molly's 50th!

Gathered in Tamworth, NH for Mol's birthday.  Hiking to waterfalls, toasting our toes by the fire, laughing on the patio, what a great time!