Monday, August 11, 2014

Silent Cal Leaves His Mark.

Every time I attempt to visit the Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth, something stops me.  It's our sister museum, so there are many reasons, work-wise, I've been trying to get there.  The first time, just as we were leaving our house, unexpected company arrived.  The second time, we were partway there when we found a hurt baby owl in the road and delivered it to the hospital for raptors.  This time, we actually MADE it to Plymouth, but in the parking lot, where we sat at a picnic table to have a bit of lunch beforehand, I cut my finger very badly trying to slice some cheese.  But...I had to break this curse, so instead of heading to the hospital, we taped it up and toured the darn museum, despite the thunder that started to crash as we walked from building to building!  THERE!  FINALLY!  And other than the throbbing finger and ominous sky, it was lovely!  

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