Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shelburne Museum

Despite the low pay, I have been super lucky that my State job working at a historic site includes free admission to practically EVERYTHING we'd ever want to see.  I've thankfully spent next to nothing on our summer outings and yet we've been able to behave like normal people and go all sorts of places I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.  This week's freebee trip was to Shelburne Museum, which has always been a favorite of ours.  We met up with Auntie Dawn and had a wonderful day exploring.  Of course, I could have spent another WEEK looking at the exhibits, but we did it at Kid Pace...although actually my kids' Kid Pace is waaaaaaaaaay slower than most, since they are generally curious and have pretty good attention spans....still: "Hey Mom!  A train!  Hey Mom!  A Merry-Go-Round!  Hey Mom!  Look at this bug!!!  Hey Mom!  ICE CREAM!!!"

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