Tuesday, April 5, 2011

go snow go

The snow will go when it goes folks. That's the deal. Yesterday I saw a elderly woman on the side of the road, a scarf covering her curlers and wearing A BATHROBE, no joke, whacking at a snow pile at the end of her driveway with a pick-ax. An honest to goodness pick-ax. We don't even own a pick-ax, where does an old lady get one? (I think at ninety, they should take away your driver's licence AND your pick-ax.) Anyway, as I was saying, leave the stuff alone! It'll melt at some point, I promise. Everywhere I went this week, I spotted people shoveling piles of ice out onto bare spots, hoping to speed up the process. I admit to giving it a kick now and then, myself. Sure, it's a somewhat satisfying thing to do, like the way you breathe on snowflakes that gather in a crease of your jacket sleeve, just to watch them shrivel and melt right before your eyes...it's like that, only on a larger scale, I guess. But the truth is: we don't need to bother, OK? It's on the way out and spring is on the way in. With or without our help.

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