Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Up

Really, being titled "Green Up" these shots should be of green things, but sorry, they're not. Just a quick photo recap of the last few days. We danced during the Mud Season Variety Shows over the weekend, I worked every night, got our taxes in, riding lessons, kids are on break now... so many things going on that my head is a'whirl with it all, but I see the fields misted over with that pale emerald haze and the hills turning a faint purply-brown with buds swelling, and the anticipation is out of this world! Thrilling to think that summer is around the corner. Love watching the green-up...the green getting so bright and intense you almost can't believe it, yet the next day, it's even GREENER. Incredibly welcome after a long winter of black and white. I've been so thirsty for color, and finally, the April rains are washing it back into the landscape this week.

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