Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ski Runners

When you and your aging father sign on to teach skiing and snowboarding every Friday to Central VT children under 12, you might be crazy.  When you sign up to run the whole program for your town on top of that, you are probably certifiable.  When you try to host a radio show before you load the kids onto the bus and locate 5683309179355 pieces of lost gear, you are clearly too far gone to be labeled.  In the reoccurring theme of overextending my life, this fits in nicely.  But we aren't doing so badly after all: only one trip to the hospital, three equipment SNAFUs and somewhat less crying than expected.  And had we not taken the job, this opportunity would be lost for our local school kids due to a shortage of instructors.  It's nice to be needed.  Especially for a skill that I'd all but forgotten I had!  We've rounded up some wonderful parent volunteers that keep tabs on the little ones warming up their toes in the lodge and several on-mountain helpers that lend a hand wherever needed.  The program could surely use some fine tuning, but is still a pretty great thing for area kids who might not have the chance to ski much otherwise.  So, even if I have a hard time getting to sleep at night when I'm try to remember everything I'm supposed to be remembering, I'm happy.  This is fun!  (Occasional missing mittens, pants-wetting and ambulance rides aside.)

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