Sunday, December 28, 2014

Glass Blowers In The Making

One of my favorite kinds of gifts to give (or receive!) is some sort of experience, a trip, a class: something that doesn't clutter up your house, but adds a lasting memory.  My friend Janet is an amazing glassblower and before the holiday, I remembered that she occasionally teaches kids...she and I struck a deal and one of the boys' Christmas gifts was a lesson.  (I have a feeling we are hooked now and will have to go back for more!)  They both made two pieces and were ecstatic and proud.  Janet is probably the most patient human alive and kept Ira from setting anything on fire or burning himself, which is impressive in itself, (I was a little nervous about him in particular, since he has dubious focus when excited and we were going in to a space with a zillion potential dangers) but Janet is so calm and organized that she's able to supervise and direct very clearly and simply, enabling kids to actually create the pieces themselves, yet remain completely safe only inches away from her competent hands.  I spent some time in a hot shop years ago, before children, helping with set-up when they were overloaded with orders for the holidays and I'd forgotten how hypnotic it is, seeing a solid become a molten liquid and then cooling again.  Anyhow, this gift was a wild success and I'm so, so, so glad we did it!  Thank you Janet!     

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