Monday, December 15, 2014


Oh geez, I've been terrible, neglecting this poor blog of late.  it's winter now.  Duh.  Closing in on Christmas with so much still to do!  We just came through a massive ice storm which knocked our power out for nearly five days, sounds like another headed our way tomorrow.  Anyway, the tree is up, the farm is cozy, looking like some old Currier and Ives print, life is barreling forward faster than I could ever imagine this season.  The boys are huge, beautiful, smart and funny, we are all healthy and life is basically good.  I'm unfortunately still working my behind off and poor beyond poor but who's counting?  I'm holding my own.  I, luckily, was asked to stay on at the museum as the winter caretaker, which is great, even though it's only a couple hours a week, every little bit helps.  I'm heading up the ski program for the school this year and starting yet another dance class after the holidays, with everything else I'm doing, I feel completely run ragged most days, but still OK and generally happy.  Forging ahead with my friend Kristina on film/radio/music/comedy projects and writing a lot... (just not on here, unfortunately!) got the cover story in this month's issue of IMAGE Magazine, with my friend Jack's photos accompanying my article.  Looking into writing regular columns which would be lovely since writing, I can do anywhere, and worry not when my lemon of a car has died on me, again.  Stupid old thing has cost me far more than it's worth this year, but what other choice is there?  I shouldn't complain, it's a tank and has kept me and the boys safe on nasty roads enough times to forgive it.  Odd, always I compare my new life to my old and feel so thankful, despite the constant struggles.  I literally have nothing now, it's true, but still, I have EVERYTHING.  We made gingerbread houses after school today, (well, pretzel and graham cracker houses rather) and as I sit here on the floor by the wood stove, I can see the crooked gummy bears standing on the crooked ridgepoles, gleaming like little jewels in the reflected tree lights.  And I'm feeling glad and rich.  Not for gummy bears, or fighting to survive, but just for sitting here, a long day under my belt, warm and tired and content and proud.  Knowing tomorrow will be another day that I hold it together.  Because I have to.  And I will.   The one thing I've got, in the whole world, is something to hold it together FOR.  I can't quite bring myself to put the baby blue bumper sticker on my car, because it's cliche' and cheesy and I feel like an irritating Pollyanna when I spew cutesy quotes, but it's on the 'fridge, where I can agree with it in private and be as cheesy as I want: The best things in life aren't things.                     

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