Wednesday, January 28, 2015


John's birthday yesterday, and out in the barn he discovered an early lamb!  In fact, it looks like ALL the lambs will be coming soon, due to a little ram mix-up back in the fall.  Ewes go into heat with cold spells, so it's best to separate the flock in the fall, if you don't want winter lambs, but we had several unexpected cold snaps this year before we moved the rams out which, as you can see, was enough!  With the temps being what they are, we got busy and created cozy wardrobes for the newcomers.  Our old lamb coats hadn't been used in many years since we are normally a bit better with our family planning, and the fabric was pretty worn out, so I found a pattern on-line and made a batch of flannel ones.  (You really haven't lived until you've dressed a newborn lamb in a plaid jacket.)  The boys named this baby 'Johnny Mozart' in honor of two cool guys' birthdays and life will be rather hectic for the next month or so as lambing commences!          

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