Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I stole this pic from my friend Sarah. Awesome and slightly offensive. The way a valentine shoud be. Valentine's Day. Didn't really get much play this year. I snagged some candy for the kids as an afterthought yesterday. It was a busy weekend and Justin has a beard so...

The Internet all morning has been peppered with stories of people that fell in love at Home Depot and what-not. And that crazy story about the twelve year old girl who was eating those candy hearts made of chalk, with the cutesy little messages on them, and you know how there's an 'adult' version of those things? The factory must have mixed up, because she got one that said "Nice tits" so her mother is suing. I mean, come on, she's twelve, she's heard worse. It's not super great or anything, but I'm willing to bet she isn't actually scarred for life. Gotta love America, huh? I should sue because there was no warning on reading the story. Now the word 'tits' is burned into my brain and I require immediate therapy. Cripes. And YOU can sue ME because I didn't warn you, etc, etc, etc.

Anyhow, a busy day...teaching a Swing class at school, then we head to riding lessons, then I teach Zumba this evening, for ladies whose husbands also have beards and aren't staying home instead. Hope everyone has a lovely day. Warm and windy here. Sap should be thinking about thawing in a couple weeks, can't wait! Later all!

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