Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spiral Of Lights

The Spiral Of Lights is a Waldorf tradition. Each child travels, one by one, holding the hand of an angel, up a path of pine boughs. At the center candle, they light their own candles and place them around the edges. There is no speaking, only a harpist playing. It's a time of peace and joy. A time to silently reflect, to make wishes.

Deep Mid-winter drawing near,
Darkness in our Garden here-
One small flame yet bravely burns
To show a path which ever turns.

Earth, please bear us as we go,
Seeking Light to send a-glow;
Branches green and moss and fern,
Mark our path to trace each turn.
Brother animals, teach us too
To serve with patience as you do.

We walk with candle towards the light
While Earth awaits with hope so bright;
In the light which finds new birth
Love may spread o'er all the Earth.

Deep Mid-winter drawing near-
May light arise in our Garden here.

-Nancey Foster

A good friend Craig lights his candle. Craig is right in the middle of his chemo treatments. This is his second giant fight with cancer, as he battled it ten years ago. Craig is one of my dancers, and the father of Eli's close friend Gus. When I watched Craig walk slowly up the path, with determination in every step, I suddenly felt like such an ass for all my petty complaints lately. He is full of energy and humor, despite everything. (He made me laugh so hard the other night because he said can suck his nostrils closed now, without those pesky nose hairs in the way, and then he showed us.) This whole advent ceremony was beautiful. Calming for me. I was in silent hysterics over the way my own child was all business, dragging the angel at top speed to the center. But then all my laugh-tears changed and just kept flowing because the little ones just looked very pure and hopeful. So wonderful. I feel much better now. Grateful.

The very youngest children go first, and start the spiral...sorry, these pictures loaded in out of order. Here is my sweet boy lighting his candle.

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