Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

The snow is coming down pretty hard this morning, I drove sooooooo slowly taking The Kid to school. Yesterday, the wood furnace went out and I could not figure out how to turn on the oil burner, so we were rather freezing until Justin came home! It was 0 in the sun during the day, and 8 below last night. Brrrrrrr! It's been a tricky few days because after being adjusted by my chiropractor last week, I was told not to lift things until I see him again this week....well, that's impossible! I tried to push The Baby in one of those folding umbrella strollers into school earlier, but the snow made that...interesting. Oh well, I provide amusement for the rest of the mothers. The auction this weekend went well. I was insanely stupid to wear heels with a messed-up back, but it was fun and we raised over 15 thousand. We placed the winning bid on a mini drum set and tiny baby grand piano for X-mas gifts for the boys...a decision I fear we may live to regret. Couldn't help it though. We had The Baby with us and he looked so adorable sitting on the little stool and playing away with the band. Nobody would bid against us because they said he simply had to have them. Anyway, Patrick and I were in charge of the making announcements/closing bids/introducing musicians/etc all night, so we had to stay until the end. It took up most of the weekend, but I'm glad the school made a decent amount off of it. Both The Baby and The Puppy are chewing on the curtains right now, so I'd better go! -Emily

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