Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Pup

We had sent in applications to several New England humane shelters trying to adopt a puppy, maybe by Christmas or spring, because their puppy waiting lists are really long. The applications rival the ones for adopting children. I was shocked. Not that ANYBODY should be able to just pick-up a puppy, but seriously, do they really need my tax info and all that? AND the adoption fee was $400. These aren't purebred dogs, these are who-knows-what that somebody found in a Walmart parking lot. We were going to try to do it anyway, but we were getting such a run-around! Nobody would ever tell me the status of any dog that we applied for, nor would anyone even tell me that they had recieved our application. One snobby lady basically told me we wouldn't be getting a dog from them, ever. Yesterday, we happened to see a litter of farm puppies for sale ($150) in the classified, so we took a ride to "just look." (Yeah, right.) We already had all these rules about what kind of dog we wanted, etc. We we looked at the two remaining puppies (both male, which was on our "no list") sitting there in the pouring rain in a tiny kennel, way out back of a tumble-down barn, (which the guy said was built poorly because he didn't build it...he was in jail when it was built, so his bastard step-son did it.) there was no way we weren't taking one. The woman said that her mother was going to take the very last pup left, so I didn't feel as bad leaving it. They were half Australian Shepard, half "Chug". Strange combo, but very sweet and all this little boy has wanted to do is cuddle since we brought him home. He doesn't make a peep, slept blissfully in his crate last night, and stole The Baby's toast this morning, so he fits in perfectly already. The Kid has named him Captain Burdock and just loves him. It's a little soon to replace Dublin, but this tiny guy needed us, and seeing how happy the boys are to have a dog again, I think it will be just fine.

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