Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Party

The party at Jim, Myra and Raven's was very cool. I had a hard time walking/dancing in my farthingale...but after seeing Jim's centaur costume, I felt like I shouldn't complain! Justin couldn't think of anything, so he pinned training pants and baby socks all over his clothes, frizzed up his hair, and went as Static Cling. Mom just borrowed my regular clothes for her disco outfit. We took the baby with us...thought he might be frightened, but he loved it. I wish I had taken more photos because there were so many great costumes. Plus the decorations were pretty awesome. Nice job you guys!

This is Raven's 2nd costume change. ....Everyone was a little freaked out at how gorgeous he looked.

Darn, I wish I had gotten his boots in this picture! Raven's 1st costume. Had amazing pointy, curled-up toe boots.

Myra and Jim. Holy costume insanity!

Jim changed into a sheriff after his back legs started to become painful for dancing...

Dad and Jo

Vampire couple of cuteness

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