Sunday, December 9, 2007

This And That

Dog sled?
The downside to having children is: you HAVE to eat healthy food...maybe that's an upside for some people?! Anyhow, The Kid can hear a candy wrapper a mile away, his bloodhound nose can smell chocolate chips on your breath even after you brush (to mask your sneaky cookie eating). I may actually start to LIKE tomatoes if this keeps up. An upside to having kids is: having kids. The Littlest One has just started being able to grab things, rather than just waving his arms around helplessly. Today, while I was nursing him, a tiny hand reached up to touch my face, five soft tentacles very gently exploring my cheek. Melt.

Uh oh, he knows I'm talking about him.

Beautiful Bryna

I still think it's weird that this face belongs to a newborn...half the time I expect him to pull out a cigar or start playing golf...or ask if I've washed his tan sweater-vest...

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