Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bright, Bright, Sunshiney Day

Sunlight just streaming in the windows this morning, but we are due for another foot of snow by evening! ...and the Saga Of The Snotty Nose continues, with every one of us sniffling now. Oh well, maybe we can get a bit of outdoors time in, before the storm, and then spend the rest of the weekend cuddling together with tea, soup and books. This guy is angling for the "Choclick" pie hidden away in the fridge instead of his cereal.
Five shots in about twenty seconds. The New One is getting so big! Sometimes I think these boys look almost identical, sometimes there is nothing similar at all. I'm really curious to see how they'll turn out, but then, it's all going too fast as it is. I wish they could stay teenie tiny always. All I know is: they'd better let me still kiss 'em all over their fat little cheeks when they're 40.

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