Sunday, December 2, 2007

Letter To Santa

When first asked by his auntie if he was going to write a letter to Santa, my 3 year old son asked for some paper and painstakingly drew an emormous A. After we explained to him that she meant the other kind of letter, he dictated it to me. I have written every word exactly as he said it.

Dear Santa, (I did prompt this part)

I want a train, trucks too. And I don't have a lot of.....uummm....let me see...see, see, bo bee....
Hey, can I draw Mom? Please Mommy?! Can I write? Are you writing it down? How 'bout The Cat In The Hat COMES BACK!!! I want that. It's Okay, he cleans it all up in the end. Mommy, Mommy, Bo Bommy...Can I do the writing? Oh, and bring me chocolate in the Santa bag, put it in the socks on the hangers. MO-OMMMM! I WANT TO DRAW!!!! (I hand him the pencil, he draws a jagged line up one side of the paper and pronounces it "Stairs") Santa, can you bring me stair parts? Like lots of metal stair parts? Thank you (also prompted).
Love, (most of letter is blotted out as he prints his name over it.)

Later, we eat some lunch and he tells me "Mom, you know....I don't love riding chickens" to which I reply "Oh, really, you ride chickens?" "Yup. Like big, really big, huge chickens, like an ostri-squish" Me: "Wow!" Eli (all cool-acting) "Yup, you know, I been racin' em', real fast, but then their wheels fell off."

(Sorry, I think he's really funny and random, and as this is MY blog, I can write whatever I want. ...However, I'll stop short of the "There's a poop party in my diaper" story.)

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