Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nightmare Before Christmas

I attempted to take a nice photo for our Christmas card...what insanity!!!! You know, that classic holiday portrait of the happy family, blah, blah, blah...? Oh, they may look cute and cuddly here, but this is one out of, I don't know, a hundred?! Thank God for digital cameras! I am firmly convinced that my babies are the most adorable, perfect children in the universe, but this was an off day. Or somrthing.

Click. "Man! He had his tongue hanging out!" Click. "Everybody's eyes are shut!" Click. "AAAArrrggg! This one would have been PERFECT if it was in focus!" Click. "What's that on your sweater? Oh, it's vomit." Click. "The static plastered my hair all over the baby's face."

Finally decided that the odds were better if we took just the boy's picture. We ended up with one, only ONE of the boys to use for the cards, and let me tell you, it took a lot of bribery to get The Kid to sit still and hold his little brother. It took a lot of bribery just to get his hair combed. So, to all you who receive a card from us...the photo (though not taken in my finest is best described as a hellish, baby wrangling, husband-doubles-as: cheerleader, dancing clown, Pleading Dad/Yelling Dad, circus) deserves more than an "Aawww, isn't that sweet?" This year it deserves an "Aaawww, isn't that a MIRACLE!?"

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