Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Concert

Ira and Av, resplendent in seersucker suit and salwar kameez, ready to take the stage and sing songs about wacky animals.  I always look forward to these concerts for the laughter we doting parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles try to suppress as we watch our kids perform.  The first grader's numbers had lots of delayed hand motions and off-key shouting and was so adorable you could hardly stand it.  Even though my parents were seated a good distance behind us, I could hear my father choke down a belly laugh.  Ridiculously cute, these little people. 
These guys are such good buds.  Eli, of course, was really annoyed when he saw his best friend was not forced by HIS evil mother to wear a tie.
The rest of my photos aren't sharp because I decided that for once, I wouldn't be that obnoxious mother  crawling around up front, trying to get the perfect shot and driving everyone bonkers, the way I usually do at these things.  No, I actually made myself stay in my chair and take blurry pictures from there, like a normal person.
We are counting down the days until vacation!  Less than a month to go and everybody has a full-blown case of Summeritis already!  The Spring Concert always benchmarks the beginning of the end, a signal that the school years is starting to wrap up.

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