Saturday, May 24, 2014

Road Rally

Every spring Will Gilman, owner of Will's Store (our favorite Creamee spot!) thinks up a scavenger hunt that lasts all day and takes you halfway around the state as a fundraiser for the Little League program.  As a young man, Will was in a terrible motorcycle accident that left him a paraplegic but has never stopped him from being involved in town organizations, collecting the coolest local memorabelia, owning a successful business, being a history buff, card shark, bee liner and all-around amazing person.    

After picking up our first sheet of clues and joining the long line of nearly eighty different vehicles trying their luck, we were let out of the parking lot 2 minutes apart and off on a six hour journey that twisted us up on every back road we'd never seen before!  

The point was to get the least mileage while following the clues and looking for the bonus objects.  At every intersection there would be a clue on our sheet telling us which way to go.  Some were in code, some were limericks, some required knowledge of people, places and things from long ago.  We brought with us: a dictionary, encyclopedia, gazetteer and lots of snacks.

We ended up only making one tiny, two mile mistake and had a terrific day, clocking in a total of 74 miles, which wasn't too shabby.  We met up with friends part-way through and worked together to decipher the instructions.  Every single one of us either spotted a clue or figured out a tricky riddle.  We spent a lot of time standing around at road forks, arguing about Johnny Appleseed's real name or something of that nature.  Teamwork was the necessary component and all the kids LOVED it!  After a wonderful time for a good cause, we're looking forward to making the Road Rally an annual family tradition.

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