Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baby Maeve

It's been about a year since we lost our beloved Captain Burdock and the boys have asked for another dog if not daily, weekly.  My friend, Amy, fosters rescue dogs and her family test drives them for issues before they are placed in homes.  I always see the pictures of adult dogs available on her facebook page and lately, we have been considering them, weighing the pros and cons of each dog that comes through the program.  It wasn't until this week though, that the perfect fit for us came through.  Maeve is a Newfie/Great Pyrenees cross and will be big as a house.  (Not sure if THAT is a great idea, but with all her other wonderful attributes, we'll take it!)  She's already, at not even ten weeks old, the most intelligent, beautiful and affectionate dog I've ever seen.  She's full of sassy personality when you want to play and when you're working, she's mellow and resting under your feet.  She's coming when called, fetching, almost totally housebroken, sleeps all night without a peep, and she bonded with the boys immediately.  We are smitten.  Eli is overjoyed and Ira might be a wee bit jealous of the attention she's getting, but loves her anyway.  So, here we go again - another round of puppy adventures.  And then the ducklings arrive next week.    

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