Friday, February 28, 2014

Luge Love

We've been having a blast on the luge run Mike and Amy built.  They do it every year, but I think this one takes the cake!  In the summer, they pull off these awesome slip n' slides that are seriously EPIC, and in winter, they get out a bucket loader to create an amazing course, with 10 foot banks, full of twists and turns and covering over a 1/4 mile.  Pretty incredible.  It's the neighborhood hot spot, figuratively speaking.  Another couple weeks and we'll abandon the luge for the sugarhouse, where people dance and laugh, tasty treats keep appearing in our hands, (the World's Best Doughnuts are made by Amy) and kids ride giant tricycles around the arch, until they collapse with exhaustion into the cozy nests in a warm corner.  My boys are so lucky to have the Bogardus boys as best friends, and we are so lucky to have Amy and Mike!  They are caring and adventurous and have endless energy for all of us.  When my kids play there, I know they are as loved and cherished, as Parker and Ellis are with us.  Big thanks to the Bogardus Family for being a huge part of our life.

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