Monday, February 3, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby

Last Saturday we had a fun day of skiing at Storr's Hill, our first time out this year at our favorite local area...the weather has not cooperated very often so far!...and on Sunday we visited the ice castle at Loon Mountain.  So many glittery nook and crannies, chutes to slide down, towers, and crystal balls tucked into crevices.  I bundled us all to the max because it was near zero, but that only made it seem more ice-castle-y...  We had really wanted to go to the Hotel De Glace in Quebec, but time and money were a bit short for that, maybe next year!  It ending up being better that we didn't get too far from home, as Eli started to run a fever on the ride back and then we were in for a week of flu/tummy bug.  I'm linking in a cool video of an identical castle, created by the same guy, only in Colorado, I believe.  Hope everyone else is healthy and enjoying this little heat wave!

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