Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love Christmas

Having no Zumba yesterday, due to a meeting held at the school, I had a nice mid-week night off. My friend Russ had tickets to a Darlene Love concert at The Flynn and thanks to my sister's babysitting generosity, we spent part of the afternoon beforehand doing Christmasy things, and I feel far less bah-humbug than I did a few days ago. Strange that a weekend away from my kids feels like way too long, but an evening out feels just right, now and then.

Anyway, we went to Paine's Tree Farm where Russ had tagged FOUR different trees, weeks ago, and wanted a second opinion. An hour, and a bunch of chainsaw smoke later, (You know it's Vermont when the guys at the tree farm just hand you a chainsaw and the keys to a tractor, and tell you to knock yourself out) we had the wagon filled with a magnificent fifteen footer for the lucky duck who has high ceilings, and a sweet, little tree for his mom's apartment.

After some death defying antics involving ladders and hammers and Christmas lights (seriously, I could hardly watch, good Lord) we headed to the concert, which was phenomenal. Darlene Love. Wow. That lady is all sorts of joy and happiness and holiday goodness rolled into one powerful voice. Odd that I didn't really know who she was exactly, had only vaguely heard of her, but then, when she started to sing, I knew every one of her songs by heart, and so would you.

After a festive night out, (AND I got to wear my awful, bright red, patent boots and snowflake earrings. What? People are ALLOWED to dress tacky during the holiday season.) I'm back in the Christmas Spirit. Helps that my cold has flown the coop, even though Eli seems to have woken up with it now. Attempting to address a stack of cards today, but my address book has gone missing...filling them out anyway. They'll be can count on it. (Just sayin'.) And doing some wrapping. Of course I'm only half done shopping, which may become a problem before too long, since there are mere days left. And the kids are on vacation as of today. Egads. Time is running out! Harried or not, I love Christmas. Sometimes I just forget it for a minute.

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