Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Having a rough week so far. Christmas Panic setting in. Still trying to keep up with all the proper traditions but it's hard to feel super excited this year. It would be a good winter to experiment with human hibernation...wouldn't mind sleeping through the whole shebang, and thawing back out in May. No, I'm just in a slump today. I've always been really into Christmas. I love Vermont and how beautiful and stark this season is. Simply hard to remember all that when my bare feet hit the icy floor at 6AM in a house that's 52 degrees, and I've got to somehow entice two little boys out from under their covers in time for school. It was Justin's weekend with the kids and it was the longest I've ever been away from them in my life. Even though I went with them to visit Santa on Saturday, which broke it up some, I still felt restless and worried the rest of the weekend, missing my bubs. Funny in a way, because I looked so forward to a break all week, and then I was homesick for them the whole time. Went to a wonderful dinner party and saw some lovely art, met interesting people, but...my mind was on my babies, not Napoleonic upholstery, or goat cheese and pomegranates, or debating what the Mandarin word for school bus translates as. That sounds totally snobby of me....or ANTI-snobby, which, really, is just as bad, sorry. I was in a pretty intolerant mood already, and then I also had a cold, which made me feel like a sniffling, snot-dripping piece of white trash...not a great combo, in Emily Land. When gushing women in Jimmy Choos say "And what do YOU do?" I want to say "Oh, I teach Zumba and spread pestilence." If only I was missing a front tooth, I could pull it off no problem. Well, anyway, I've got the carols blaring today, I'll feel better in no time. Just a few Rum Pa Pums later and I'm a new person already.

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