Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Not much for pictures from this weekend, which is a shame since everybody looked sweet. But with horses, lamb and kids to deal with during the parade, I just didn't have a free hand left for my camera. Eli and Rose rode with the Icelandic Horse farm, so big and proud looking, I could have cried seeing how grown up and capable they seemed, up high on those giant beasties. Justin and I walked the minis, and Ira led the lamb up front for a ways, but then she laid down mid-parade route and wouldn't budge. Ira shrilled "We are the LEADERS!!!" at her, but nope, nothin' doing...had to pass her off to people on the sidelines. Next a picnic on the fairgrounds while Jelly very accommodatingly gave pony rides, followed by heading to Will's for ice cream, and lastly: the summer's first swim in a friend's pond. Exhausting but fabulous day.

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