Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome Bumble

Well, our little "farm" which thus far has included one dog, two horses, nine chickens, an evil rooster, and a big batch of new chicks, expanded yesterday to include a lamb. A bottle-baby, gift from our friend John, to be a gas-free lawn mower this summer. My favorite joke of the week: when we went to pick up the lamb, waaaay up on the hill, in the middle of Tunbridge-nowhere, we pulled our rusty Honda into the driveway, right next to John's Honda, and he remarked "Ah, good, a Honda Accord is THE prefered truck of Vermont sheep farmers". So, I guess we're sheep farmers now. Kids are excited and in love with her. She's a very pretty Romney, the kind with spiraled wool locks and pretty eyelashes.. The original deal was: how about she goes away in the Fall?...but, you know, maybe not...Bumble could be the start of something. Yesterday was also Justin's birthday, so in between bottle feedings, we made a cake and apple pie... and only a LITTLE of the lamb's milk formula splashed in while I was baking. Whatever, it's not like we'll grow woolly ears or anything. It's been a rainy week, the plum trees are spectacular but the bees are no where to be seen as of yet. Feeling giddy about Spring and Life and Lambs and Blossoms.

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