Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lambs, and Toddlers and Ticks, Oh My!

And so summer starts. A weirdly jinxed week/weekend. Fights abound, zero creative juices flowing (as evidence: this lame post), end of school closing-circle was punctuated by cloud-to-ground lightning, and sheets of freezing downpour, a cold, drizzly rain most days since, and an emergency room visit. I had...ummm...yeah, it's always something embarrassing with me...a teensy-weensy tick in my...oh geez...I'm just gonna say the underside of my damn nipple. I've religiously checked us all out every evening, and I thought I had been especially vigilant since we had gone on an after-dinner hike in tall grass, but the darn thing found the perfect hiding place and stayed overnight. Not that my breasts are big enough to hide much, 'cause we all know they ain't, but...that was probably the only spot I couldn't see. Cripes. Yuck. Seriously grossed out. I started sobbing in the bathroom at one point, after I'd pinched myself silly with the tweezers to no avail. Anyway, I couldn't get it out, and the surgeon on call had a tough time of it too. Now I get to wait two weeks and see if I've got Lyme Disease. Yippie. The kids, and Justin and I have been doing nothing but crabbing at each other for days. Nobody's sleeping well...Ira says that ghosts are scratching him in the night, and Eli says he can't stop thinking. Excuse my whining. I usually make it a policy to try not write when I'm grouchy or negative. Because I went through a period, (or many periods) with this blog where I did nothing but complain, and I HATE that, looking back, but whatever...we all get to be in a bad mood sometimes, I guess.

We DID have a great evening at Myra and Jim's this weekend, another gorgeous storm while we were there. It's so lovely up on that hill, their flowers were amazing, even more so when rain-soaked, and Oliver's a funny little midget, zooming around on his bike with a Viking helmet on his head. I'm just putting my kiddos to bed, they are tired wrecks. I had a decent night at Zumba, the crowd was huge, which is always at least that angle is terrific! Fed Bumble, who has started chasing the dog and head butting him in the side today, he now stays up on the picnic table to escape her. She also likes to give her bottle a good head-butt, right as she starts to drink, just to make sure her feeder is sufficiently sprayed with hot, smelly, lamb formula. It's an early night for all. Ira seems to be running a bit of a fever. Hopefully, we'll sleep away our blues, things will turn around, and the sunshine comes back tomorrow!

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