Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was THIS CLOSE to getting us all in Wonderland garb, but Robot Boy wanted nothing to do with the White Rabbit costume. So, here we are.

We went to Myra & Jim's Halloween party sans kids...the first time ever that The Baby has been away from us. Thought he would be Ok because he sees Jen the most out of our whole family. Apparently he screamed for hours. And Avry added her two cents. Poor Jen. Even The Kid got homesick. We returned at one AM, to find Jen still up, because they had JUST barely fallen asleep. Anyhow, earlier in the evening, they trick-or-treated in the rain and had a hefty heaping of neighborly kindness in the form of sugar, so that may have added to the emotional distress... The Hudson party was fun, as always...lots of fantastic costumes! I'm too lazy to upload them so you'll have to check them out on flickr. Hope everyone had a delicious and spooky weekend!

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