Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Hikes

We've spent the last few weeekends doing some little hikes and the Geocache Treasure Quest thing with friends. I feel bad that I've neglected this blog of late...what with dance so many nights a week, senior portraits, school stuff, house stuff, etc, I haven't had much time. And of course, there's flickr and facebook to take up my computer time too... Anyway, not much news around here other than the regular day to day rush. Getting ready for the arrival of Myra & Jim's baby in December. Tamera is visiting next week. We had what I can only assume was the Swine Flu a couple of weeks ago, since it is going around at school. Wasn't all that terrible really, just a sore throat/cough/body ache/slight fever for a few days. The Kid and I had it the worst, The Baby only had a runny nose and was a little whiney, Justin just felt kind of sore. Hope we can have a semi-healthy winter! A used, but very good furnace is headed our way soon, which is awesome because the only heat we've had so far is the occasional wood stove fire-up. I am finishing up an eight week session of dance with the elementary school here in town, they have an after school program that I have been teaching at. It's been fun, but hard to hurry back, after two hours of dance, and head right into my studio for another two hours. And hard for us to juggle our own kids around...Justin has had to come home early at least one afternoon a week to watch them. Oh well, next week will wrap it up for awhile. The annual Halloween party at the Hudson's this weekend, and we need to clean the school. (I'm writing that to remind myself, because we spaced out about it last time. Whoops.) Oh, also I need to remind myself to buy candy for the trick or treaters. Ok, must run and get started on many things that I've been stalling about all morning so far! Happy Hallow's Eve all! Love, Emily

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