Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spiral Of Lights 2009

Tonight was the Spiral Of Lights at school, which I always love. Peaceful, sitting in the soft darkness, listening to Eve playing the harp while the candles nestled in the pine branches grow brighter as they are placed down by chubby hands. A nice respite from a long, tiring day. At one point, I was inside cleaning the kitchen when Justin came running in the back door with The Baby, who had blood streaming down his face. Like... a lot. He fell on the woodpile and put a huge gouge through his eyebrow. He probably could have used stitches, but was freaking out so badly, we decided to try and deal with it ourselves. Plus both boys were absolutely coated in mud, and getting them cleaned up before heading to the ER seemed impossible at the time.

Thanksgiving at Mom's and then Sharon's was nice. Lots of yummy things...I'm still full... I wish we all saw each other more often. I fell ill with what felt like the Flu Of Flus the day after Thanksgiving, and thought I was down for the count. I seriously couldn't get out of an armchair all day, and then the next day, I woke up and it was GONE. Super weird. I also twisted my ankle and fell really hard on Thanksgiving, so I wonder if that had something to do with it? (Dratted cowboy boots! Why do I love you so?!) Anyway, the boys have also been fighting a cold/flu for a couple weeks. Seems to be on the way out now, I think.

I start teaching a new Swing class tomorrow, which should be fun, if my still slightly sore ankle holds up. Hope so. Lately my knees have been acting up as well, creaking and aching. It isn't terribly handy to be a dance instucter with bum knees and a swollen ankle. Ack.

Right now, I'm squished in between too snoring bubs, with stuffy noses. One has got his fingers twisted through my hair, and the other has his legs draped over mine. My sweet, tiny things. Their faces are so darling at night, like wee, baby mice. Justin is just coming up from the basement where he's been stacking wood. They say heating with wood warms you twice, once when you stack it, and once when you burn it...but since we cut it, haul it, split it, haul it again, stack it and THEN burn it, it warms us more times than I'd like, really.

OK, I'm shutting down now. Over and Out. -Em

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