Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Week

Back to school for The Kid. Some tricky business getting out of the house with my arms full (of slippery baby, lunch basket, extra clothes, purse and the valentines we forgot to bring a couple of weeks ago) and the dog attempting to cram himself through the door before we can all hussle through. And Big E HAS to jump into a snowbank EVERY morning, getting his boots packed with snow so that we arrive at school with soaking wet socks. And it was so COLD today! I think we are all finally starting to feel better again, the boys still do a bit of coughing at night, but seem OK in the daytime. Eli's started to loudly grind his teeth in his sleep, I have no idea what to do about it...I've just been sticking an old pacifier in his mouth, hoping that it will stop him. Anybody have any thoughts? So, this last weekend, I got everybody bundled up to go to Shaelagh's play, but then I quickly checked on-line to see if we were going to be on time....and it was NEXT weekend. Groan. I'm such a disorganized mess lately. Oh me, oh my. Well, anyway, our furnace quit on us last week, but Justin finally did manage to get it cobbled together enough to keep going for a little bit longer...we hope! It is, literally, an antique. 60+ years! OK, Myra just arrived, so I'll cut this short... talk to you all later!

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