Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lazy Me

We had a good week and weekend. The Kid is on vacation from school now, which alternately feels a tiny bit like hell (because I never get a break), and heaven (because I don't have to hussle him out of bed, pack his lunch, lug both boy & baby to his classroom, late every morning). Thinking about ordering some baby chicks in a few weeks. And browsing the seed catalogs that have started arriving in the mail! We had a Harlequin Romance themed Valentine party which was both ridiculous and fun. Snowshoed into Grampa Sheehan's/Dad's camp and wandered around for an afternoon. Myra & Jim are on a ski trip to Wyoming. The Kid is recently obsessed with sharks, pirates (still) and He Pingping (The World's Smallest Man). The Baby is talking quite a lot,and into biting his brother... There are lots of photos over on my flickr account, but I haven't the energy to put them on here right now, nor write a more readable blog entry! Lazy, lazy me! The dog goes to the vet tomorrow morning to be neutered, poor guy. (He seems to have no idea that he's a dog, and tries to do everything the kids do. When they go in their playhouse, he goes right in too. He is still heartbroken about sleeping in the crate, but he's still chewing everything to pieces too...) Anyway, must run. The boys (all three of them) are begging for a "snack" (Ira's new favorite word, only he says "Nack"). Hope everyone is well! Love, Em
Ok, I added a couple of shots that were easy to get to, and too funny to resist...

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