Friday, August 1, 2008

First Of August

OK, my digital camera is really and truly, officially dead now. The flash broke awhile back, but I was able to get around that little hiccup and nurse the poor thing through the last few months. Now, when you take a picture, all you see is a blue-green muddle of colors. No flash, no focus. I tried whacking it hard on the table...which worked a couple weeks ago, but no dice. It is CRAZY that I am finding shooting with film again to be such an pain in the ass, when I LOVE film and was the longest fighter I know about joining the digital era. But in this world of blogging, IMing and FlickR, going to the lab once a week is such a hassle. And WHAT lab is there anyway? My longtime trusted, favorite lab closed it's doors due to no business last year (Something I feel rather guilty about, seeing I used to spend pretty much ALL my money there, before the digital camera stole me away...and from the sound of it, that problem was multiplied for them by most of their customers). Anyhow, so that's what I'm sulking about today. Thank God it's Friday! It's 11AM and both kids have had to have their clothing changed three times already. What am I going to do this winter, when naked is no longer a last resort clothing option? Day before yesterday, I noticed The Baby crawling around it what appeared to be giant smears of peanutbutter. Wrong. After, I skidded in it, as did The Kid, we managed to get the baby into the bathroom and stripped for a bath. While the water was running in the tub, I ran back to the orriginal scene of the crime to do a quick clean-up. Upon hearing some extra suspicious splashing, I darted back to the bathroom to find The Baby had learned how to open the toilet and was happily splashing both arms in the water....if only The Kid would learn to flush! Sorry...I know the Poopy-Baby stories aren't as entertaining as photos, but I think I'll probably end up doing more writing in this blog for awhile until I get a new camera. And that had better happen soon, with the boys birthday approaching. The Kid decided on a circus party...actually, he had several outrageous demands including "Elephants wearing shiny blankets (?), and really, really, REALLY high swings". That stuff won't be happening, but he (they) will get a moonwalk, cottoncandy (well, ONE of them will), and possible pony rides. We figured with it being BOTH of the boy's birthdays, we should always do something special...minus an elephant or two. I can't believe that they are both so big. The Kid is reading a few words and he can write everyone's names and whatever you spell out to him. The Baby (I need to find a new code name for him, since he isn't much of a baby any longer) is almost walking. Only a couple of steps at a time, he still loves to crawl though, as it's a much better way to find great things to stuff into your mouth before your mother can get it away. He says; "Dadda", "Mamma", "Hi", "Waa waa" (water), and "Dat" (that, or what's that). Also lots of those various vroom-vroom, yummmm, etc sounds. The Kid's Knee is almost healed from vacation, although he will certainly have a scar. I'm totally paranoid about glass now. They used to bang on the window and wave to Justin when he got home every afternoon, but now I freak out, picturing it shattering down on them. Just what I need, something else to be paranoid about! Well, OK, they are tormenting each other right now, so I'd better get off the computer and feed them some lunch. Later! -E

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