Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Falling asleep last night, I was just thinking about how different my life was a year ago...and four years ago. It's so weird to be somebody's parent, two somebodies. I mean, they never knew who we were before, what must we seem like to them? It's hard to remember that your parents were people before they were parents, with interests other than just you. Not to say that we have no life other than the kids, just that we include them in our interests now...and maybe our interests have changed to accomodate that. Whatever, sorry, I'm doing my rambling thing. The rambling that usually only makes sense in my head. I am just amazed that, despite being a rather selfish person, I feel not one regret about never getting to do my own thing, or being called So-And-So's Mom. Two steps back is actually so many, many steps forward. In a nutshell, there is no nutshell.
Well, other than all that, let's for this week so far is: we bought a friend's used car to get us through another year until we can afford what we want. I'm really happy about it, because the boys and I have been stuck home all summer during the day.
We are leaving either late tonight, or early in the morning for Tamarack to get ready for our anniversary party, which will probably be pretty small actually. I didn't check to see that it was Labor Day weekend/back-to-school time when we planned this, and tons of people need to be on the road, or have prior commitments. It also looks like Saturday may be a bit rainy, so, "They're playing charades in the west lobby" (...hmmm, nevermind...I just re-thought that quote from Dirty Dancing, and I think it was code for sex).
School starts for The Kid next week, we peeked in at his new classroom this weekend. He is in a combined nursery/kindergarten this year. Same teacher as last year...she was wonderful and we LOVE her. That reminds me...I forgot to pay this month's tuition bill. Whoops. Always late. They must hate parents like us.
We had a quiet (is anything ever really quiet around here?!) birthday pie and gifts last night for the boys, after clogging practice.
It's starting to feel like fall, I'm getting my dancers ready for the Fair...which is only (yikes!) two weeks away. Passing out all the much loved (?) fluffy skirts.
Justin has his wood-gasifier working pretty well now, he is so brilliant it's scary. Of course, he's a man, which pulls the brilliance down a few notches to even things out. The basic stuff that men don't get is just silly. He could tell you how to fix some mechanical part that I've never heard of, or repeat word for word some politician's speech, or design and build a mansion...but once he asked me how to spell the word "tiny"...oh, and "Michael" (which is his own middle name, not to mention his dad's name) and he forgets where we are going the second we leave the house, also forgets that the kids need food/drink/potty breaks if I am not around. And yet I know he is the absolute best of the bunch, pick of the litter, cream of the crop, etc, etc, etc. I am only cranky because he always falls asleep when I am talking...I have a theory that my Important Discussion Voice lulls him to sleep, I should talk in maybe.... a Betty Boop Voice at night to keep him awake?
Ok, so no more random ramblings, off to start this day!
PS. Did you people know the the US spends more money purchasing GARBAGE BAGS, in one year, than 90 other contries spend on EVERYTHING?! Facts like these make me sick.
PPS. Everybody asleep yet?

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