Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Party Animals

A little break from wedding pictures!  The boys' birthday falls on the first day of school, poor things.  The timing forced us to do a very simple, small BBQ this year...especially considering today WAS a school night.  It got rather rained out and ended up inside which is always tricky and never quite as fun as outdoor parties, but anyhow, the cake took the cake.  I usually try to make something creative that the kids request, but this year, they wanted Yoda...which I decided was waaaaaaay beyond my skill, requiring me to call my friend, Allison.  Plus John drew on the tablecloths and turned the watermelons into Death Stars, so all was not lost.  My darlings.  My loves.  My everything.  Can't believe they will be eight and eleven tomorrow.  I could cry.  I love them so very much.  

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