Monday, August 10, 2015

Our Wedding: Ben DeFlorio's Shots

I've now shot well over 100 weddings, and have seen every type of style out there.  Which was rather helpful in planning my own.  Delightfully, it seems the most beautiful of them all just happened to be ours.  (I'm biased, of course, but it was THE most fun!  I've never enjoyed a wedding so much!)  We got lucky with the weather, have amazing loved ones who pitched in to make it perfect, and our farm is already a magical place for any gathering.  Having such a large circle of friends in the photography and film world, we asked each of them to take a few pictures as a gift.  Of course, none of them stopped at a few shots and we are ending up with full coverage from about a dozen pro photographers.  It's really neat seeing the different perspectives.  I'll post them periodically, one friend at a time, until I've bored everyone to death!  Oh, the happiest day!!!!  You can see more of Ben Deflorio's photos at  (password: moody)

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