Saturday, March 29, 2014

Maternity Ward

Maybe there IS still three feet of snow on the ground, but something tells me Spring is right around the corner...  Bumble lambed early, two weeks ago, but now we've had nine more in the last day and a half, all at once!  Probably another 6-8 to go.  So far, everyone well.  Two mamas needed help getting their babies started eating, but otherwise a bumper crop of healthy, little lambs.  They smell so nice, like sweet, clean hay and an indescribable, lovely scent that is uniquely lamb-y.  Good to have these guys to cuddle when my own bubs are away.  

These are Bumble's twins, Gumball and Harry Potter.  (The boys are in charge of names this year.)  Being a couple weeks old, they are starting to run and bounce around and are the most adorable tiny comedians ever.      

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