Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Hollywood!

I don't know when we've had a more glamorous or fun weekend.  The kids were overcome with excitement as we watched the world premiere of their movie, Pasghetti Western.  We adults had seen it before the final cut at a prescreening party, and of course I've probably seen every scene in it a dozen times besides, as we wrote and Myra was editing, but we had held off letting the cast see the completed version until now...they were not disappointed!  Playing to a packed house, both nights, it was a wild success.  One of my favorite parts was knowing how many people brought their children to the theater for the first time ever to see THIS movie.  That was pretty special.  So many wide-eyes tots, discovering the magic of the Big Screen!

"LOVED EVERY MINUTE of this precious amazing movie .. Vermont Life ... it was just perfect.." -Dianne Conners

"Pasghetti Western was adorably awesome! I like the milk choices that were on tap at the Belly Up Saloon...nice detail." -Cindy Ross

"Wonderful dinner at Worthy Kitchen followed by a wonderful viewing of Pasghetti Western starring 2 current students and 2 prior students. So proud of them. Emily Ferro tell the boys Alex wants to know when it comes on video!" -Rachel Brown

 "I was there and loved it!!" -Marybeth Lange

 "Totally enjoyed the performance. What fun!" -Maxine Young

"It was beyond fun. The kids were great, the story a good one and very 'ya can't get thearah from herah" Vermont humor. A must see!" -Carrie Ballou

"we all really enjoyed it - great work Emily and Myra!" -Theo Fetter

"What great pictures! What a FUN evening and FAB movie!" -Stephanie Waterman

"Thanks to all the actors and creative spirits. It was worth the wait. Best movin-picture-show ever!" -Randy Leavitt

"We drove down from Maine to be part of something wonderful... and we weren't disappointed! From the opening words by the films creators, to the outtakes during the final credits, we were mesmerized by the spectacular scenery, the superb narration, and the visible commitment of the actors to the plot and the inherent humor it delivered.
Good vs. Evil has been a rehashed plot since the beginning of film, but this was not a prepackaged story in an old format, in fact, it was a warm and wonderful mix of the best of local flavor and the remarkable vision of those who gave it to us!
To the entire cast and crew: a big thank you, and congratulations on a job well done." -Jim Townsend

"Lynne and I had the best of times at your movie premiere! It was so much fun and so well done. The kids were all so cute and such good little actors. We wish you the very best and can't wait until the DVD comes out." -Sonny Bride

"Thank you so much for the best event of 2014!" -Kelly Green

"We loved loved loved it! A well polished, genuinely fun and heartwarming film. Congrats! Hoping there will be a DVD or digital copy." -Melody DeFlorio

"We enjoyed the movie and the festivities so much. Great cinematography---incredible views but your choice of footage of the kids and the voice over was wonderful. 
Really had a nice time. Film was wonderful." -Charlotte Faccio

"Another amazing night at the movie theater of Pasghuetti Western  once again thank you Myra Howe Hudson and Emiy Ferro and many more for the effort and hard work that was put in this movie"- Macey Leigh Carbino

"What a MARVELOUS film! Thanks, Myra and Jim, for giving your/our community such humor and wonderful entertainment, immortalizing the sweetness of these children and our hills of Vermont. This film ROCKS!!!! All the best with it." -Helen Heslop

"And you said it was rough around the edges. I though it quite professional, entertaining, sweet and I'm running out of good things to say (it's already been one of those Daylight Saving seasons)." -Greg Clasby

 "Great night! Great movie! Bravo!" -Ellen Miles

"Can't wait to buy the DVD and share this wonderful movie with those who could not make this very special evening. It was so much more than I imagined it would be. So many "favorite" parts Well done!" -Kim Furlong

"We had a wonderful time at last nights gala event! Loved, loved, loved Pasghetti Western! Beautiful children, beautiful photography and the narration(!!) perfection! Congratulations!!" -Pamela Payson

"Wonderful!!!! We loved the movie and the whole night was fun! It was so great to see everyone again. I didn't get to speak directly to you Myra but did see hubby Jim and Emily and the rest of the family. Congratulations on a big success! Just love you Howe girls and your families, you are all so creative and fun. Thanks for sharing this with all of us." -Aunt Elinor Gray

"We laughed, we cried, we realized on a much different level how wonderful the entire Hudson-Howe clan are and what their combined creative juices bring to the community. If anything, this film is an evocation of the love of family and place. What a heartfelt portrait of what matters in life." -Jim DiStefano 

"Had an absolute ball at The Pasghetti Western premiere tonight! I can't say enough about the movie. It was so charming and clever and funny and sweet and beautiful and just plain great! Thank you to Jim and Myra Howe Hudson, all the little actors and all the rest of the people involved in the making of this film. There is another showing tomorrow, so go and see it! A sure fire guarantee to tickle your funny bone and warm your heart." -Shannon Freeman

"Wonderful pictures - and woo-hoo Emily! I had a great time, and the movie was so fun to watch. Good job all!" -Lois Rogers

And now, we'll bask in the glow and relax for maybe a day or two before starting the process of scheduling it to play other theaters...and plan for the DVD release.  I sometimes feel like a terrible hypocrite, seeing as I only allow my kids a very limited amount of what we call "screen time" basically shunning the idea of raising couch potatoes, and here we are, turning film making into a family affair?  Ah well, if there must be movies, let's make sure there are good ones!  And I'm happy-ish that my boy's taste in films is of a very unique variety, at least.  They are suckers for old, silent, black and white films, choosing Harold Llyod or Buster Keaton over Disney any day.  If fact, they picked out their hats for this event themselves.  Ira declared he was Fred Astaire, and Eli was Charlie Chaplain.  Even though I generally approve of their choices, they certainly didn't get that preference from me...(give me a sappy, 90's chick flick and some ice cream and I'm happy) but they're getting a good classic film education from John, who has the exact same taste.  Anyhow, they were thrilled beyond thrilled with all the events this weekend: riding in a limo, red carpet treatment, being surrounded by not only the people who love them but admiring fans, signing autographs, answering questions, discovering secret backstage staircases, picking up on theater lingo, seeing their pictures on t-shirts/posters/stickers/hats, loading up on popcorn and the taboo root beer!  My hands were shaking like mad when, stepping on the hem of my long dress, I almost pulled a Jennifer Lawrence as I climbed the stage steps to welcome everyone and introduce Myra and Jim.  I am so proud of them and our entire family for pulling this off.  I kept looking around, hearing the roars of laughter and things people were's so much more than we ever thought, just amazing and I can hardly believe it.  Forever now, we have this totally pure snapshot of our children, suspended in time, that makes you laugh, cry and laugh some more.  Incredible grateful for this opportunity.  It's been the ride of a lifetime.    

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