Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Ahead

Heard the Chickadees doing their Spring call, so it MUST be coming!  Town Meeting yesterday, lots of pie and friends.  When I know Spring is on it's way, I always LET GO some.  Relax.  Living in VT, there is a sort of primitive survival tension that happens as the weather gets colder.  I don't know if that's true for everyone, but I certainly feel myself drawing close and hunkering down as winter approaches and then opening again when the warmth returns.  Not that I don't like winter, I do!  But somehow, I don't feel totally safe, totally human until the bitter temps leave.

Had another great ski day on Monday.  And the Monday before, since the kids were on vacation.  Suicide Six gets credit for their $7 Mondays, the only way I can afford it!  The boys are both excellent skiers now, watching them nonchalantly riding the chairlift, I wonder where my little babies went.  That's a shot of Ira and his friend Margaret, by the way.  Cuties.

My car is back on track after having the head gasket replaced a few weeks ago, and then last week, the radiator.  Uugghh!  Cars!  Can we just go back to horses?

Work is good... now that basketball season is over, I have a more regular schedule, and soon will add Tuesdays back in.  I'm including a photo of one of my favorite dancers, Wendy.  A before and after.  She's lost over 65 pounds in my class since last year!  Makes me feel wonderful.  Go Wendy!!!!  I think she went from a size 22 to a size 6.  She's a beautiful person, always was, but now she feels great and can go running with her son!

Pasghetti Western is exploding!  I'm doing all the press work and marketing, probably fielding a dozen e-mails a day from various publications, TV stations and movie houses.  So proud of Myra and Jim for seeing this project through, It's been incredibly fun and my experience as a publicist is growing by leaps and bounds!  We are all getting super excited for the opening in a couple months.

Anyhow, that's the news.  I miss sugaring.  Even though I've never been a fan of Maple syrup, the process is a tradition that I loved.  Hopefully we can do it next year, the boys would especially enjoy it and it's been a few years since we did any...we actually bought the fake stuff recently.  Sacrilegious!!!!

OK, THINK SPRING!!!!!  Catch you all later.  -Em

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