Saturday, October 20, 2012


 Say someone asked me, several years ago, if I wanted to go to a Monster Truck race... I would have laughed at them.  When I got done laughing, I would have said "Hell no!"  But...four little boys really, really, REALLY wanted to go, so we did.  And surprisingly, I enjoyed it.  It ended up being kinda cool, watching these big rigs race up a slimy, steep hill.  Loud, but cool.  And the hillbilly dudes that drove them let the kids climb all over them and check everything out.  It was sunny and warm and there was mud flying everywhere!  What's not to love?!

 Whoops, this one flipped over right in front of us.  Nobody hurt.  That's our friend Evan in the whale hat, he owns the ski area the event was at.
 Parker and Ellis are brothers that are in my two boys classes and they get along wonderfully.  So handy to have two sets of brothers that are best friends!
Anyhow, it was an entertaining day, even if you just wanted to people-watch.  The boys are cuddled up on the couch this evening, watching a vintage french film, so I'm not too worried our life is going to be one big monster truck rally after another, but I certainly won't mind repeating this fun day in the future.

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