Monday, July 2, 2012

To Boston, To Boston...

On Saturday we visited Molly and Ana in Boston...and since the boys were too little to remember the last time we went, it was an exciting trip full of new city sights for them! We took the T to see the USS Constitution. (Which was the whole purpose of the trip after Eli became intrigued by a model of the ship in the one-room schoolhouse on the Tunbridge Fairgrounds.) It was an ideal time to tour Old Ironsides, it was all decked out for the holiday and teaming with sailors. The kids were super thrilled about the subway of course. But most of all, they just loved playing with their friend, Ana, at her huge neighborhood pool, where for the first time in their lives, they were the only white kids among the 75 happily splashing and cannonballing kiddos. We had a terrific time, despite my blistered feet! And now it's July! The summer is rolling right along at top I wish we could tack on an extra month or two.

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