Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When walking up the brook,
Just walk.
Don't think, just step
From rock to rock,
Left to right.
Let it be easy because it is.
Ignore what you perceive
To be slippery, tippy,
Don't be afraid.

It's when you fearfully watch
Each wet step,
Gauge every mossy stone,
Get off balance in your quest,
Seeking the perfect landing spot
For your tender foot,
That you lose sight of what
You are doing.
Just walk.

The sunlight will find you,
Dappled, sharp, then soft.
A rhythm will find you,
Content with the choices
You make.
Let go and walk.
You do not control
The stream,
Nor the boulders that break it.
No.  You can't.

Walk as if the river bed is
Nothing more than a road.
And it will be.
The brook will take care of you.
Firm footing always appears
Under your toes
If you trust that it will.
Just walk.
And breathe in and out.
      And do it again tomorrow.

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