Monday, June 4, 2012


Decided to head to MA this last weekend with the boys, see something new. Occasionally, as much as I love Vermont, everything is hard to take. Memories are everywhere. It's nice to make new ones on occasion. We went to this amazing butterfly place called Magic Wings, which sounded pretty darn cheesy ahead of time, but surprise, surprise, it was WONDERFUL! Eli threw a small fit at one point because he was bummed out that the butterflies kept landing on Ira and not him...I mean he was REALLY taking it personally and he sulked until one finally landed on his head. (We know to wear bright colors next time, and possibly coat ourselves with sticky, sweet food, as Ira cleverly did.) We also went up Sugarloaf and admired the views, as well as visiting my Auntie and some good friends I haven't seen in WAY too long. Had lunch in Northampton, and popped in to a fun art gallery. A little break away from T'bridge. Felt good. Now we are in the home stretch of school, two of my jobs have ended until Fall, so I'm hunting for more work I can do from home with the three little ones. Hopefully another writing gig if I can land one because my body can't do much more Zumba than it already does without protest! And that's all that's new at the moment. Can't believe it's JUNE! Catch you all later!

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