Monday, June 11, 2012

Whiff of Summer

My boys were at their Dad's this weekend, and that always leaves me at loose ends a bit. But I ended up having a nice couple of days anyway, full of family and friends. Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes a tiny bit less rush and anxiety. More time to savor the little things. I spent almost the entire weekend outdoors, sitting in the sun by the pond with Jana and Jen while the little girls caught frogs, walking, visiting, running errands with all the car windows down, eating ice cream, hiking near Moss Glen Falls, a delightful mountain top graduation party... Everywhere was the scent of newly mown hay, or the damp, rich smell of moist earth, pine needles pungent and spongy underfoot, or the smoky, mouthwatering odor of a BBQ wafting past your nose. Summer melts the tension right out of my bones and I relax, and trust, and breathe easier somehow. I try and take it all in, as much as I can hold, enough happiness to get me through.

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