Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Barnard General Store

After putting the kids to bed tonight, I sat down to my sad dinner-for-one (bowl of cereal.... hey, it's got calories) and turned on the computer for company. Browsing the news, I was shocked to see that my beloved Barnard General Store would be closing next week. I was JUST there, literally just DAYS ago, and I was munching a delicious lunch (which awesomely came in record time, even though I was starved, normally that's when your food takes FOREVER) and it hit the spot perfectly. I proclaimed, in absolute rapture: "This is my favorite restaurant on earth." And I think it actually might be. Wicked hungry or not. I love the mismatched tables and the big wood-stove, I love the old fashioned ice cream counter, complete with those swiveling chrome stools, which more often than not, have an ancient Golden Retriever snoring beneath them. I love the rusty cowbell over the door. I love the food. "Best food served on a paper plate" their menu reads. True. Many's the milkshake I've scarfed down in the company of good friends inside those four walls. Apparently a poor ski season and the flood last fall was more than they could handle. So, that's the other sad thing tonight. Another change. Seems changes come faster and faster as time goes by.

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